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Destination Small Town Website

Learn all about the small towns of the Midwest on the Destination Small Town website. DST has made it their mission to provide an ever growing library of the small towns and counties we call home! Here you will find Town Pages featuring businesses and points of interest that you will want to visit and County Pages spotlighting the founders, business people, volunteers, entrepreneurs and military personnel who served their community and country. Visit Website

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Destination Small Town TV Show

As a way to further promote the small towns of the Midwest, OSP began airing the television show "Destination Small Town" in the fall of 2007. To draw attention to the show, the decision to have it take place in the fictional county of Sweet Swine, filmed by the fictional television station (KLUK TV) While viewers are entertained by the zany antics of the KLUK TV shows, reporters and Sweet Swine County citizens report in with real stories about their neighboring communities. Now you can binge watch all the episodes of your favorite KLUK TV shows. Visit Website

Small Town Living at its Best TV Show

With a goal to share the lifestyle lead in the small towns of Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa Our Story Productions (OSP) presents a variety of television programs that enable viewers to learn why the locals believe their towns represent Small Town Living at its Best! Play Introduction

Our Story Specials Making a Difference Out of the Past

On the Road to Our Story TV Show

With a goal to share information about the businesses and organizations that offer a specific services to small comunities Our Story Productions (OSP) produces programs that highlight what each have to offer! Take a look at all the programs we have done while On the Road to Our Story. Play Introduction

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