The Tourists - Episode 69

The Tourists - 69

Ima Looker cant believe what she has found while she was out looking around Holstein, IA a great town in Ida County, Iowa.

The Tourists - Episode 68

The Tourists - 68

Ellen Seesmore is one tourist who sure sees a lot! See what she found out when she visited Sac City, IA a small but vibrant community in Sac County.

The Tourists - Episode 67

The Tourists - 67

Dort from down under shares with us another town she has discovered Iowa Falls Iowa is a great town in Hardin County Iowa.

The Tourists - Episode 66

The Tourists - 66

Canada Dirk has traveled to Fairmont Minnesota a great town in Martin County, and boy does he have a lot to say about this great town!

The Tourists - Episode 65

The Tourists - 65

Mon dieu, Gigi! Leave it to you to travel through another incredible Midwestern town Gigi tells us what she learned about Fairmont Minnesota in Martin County.

The Tourists - Episode 64

The Tourists - 64

Ellen Seesmore sure sees a lot when she visits Essig Agency in Spring Valley, MN in Fillmore County.